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Geralyn (Geri) Ganzekaufer

Geri is mathematics teacher at Schreiber HS in Port Washington, a mother of three, and a dedicated yogini. Six years ago Geri took her first yoga class. She had received a special introductory coupon from Om Sweet Om Yoga in the mail and decided to finally use it. She had been wanting to try yoga for some time, to see what all the talk was about,  and that coupon was just the incentive she needed.  Geri says that she loved it from the start. Geri thoughtfully explains that in her opinion yoga is one of the few things that you can pick up later in life and feel steady improvement. She says that she feels younger in body and mind today than she did 6 years ago. Her balance, strength and flexibility have improved tremendously, plus she is calmer, more peaceful. And if that were not enough to keep her coming, Geri points out that she loves the energy of the classes and the sense of community that she feel at Om Sweet Om Yoga. It is a whole other part of my life, she marvels.

Geri takes at least 4 classes a week and really enjoys being in a place where people focus on being their best selves. She finds that as a result of her regular practice she is able to meet life with more equanimity. She doesn’t get as ruffled as she might have when things don’t go as hoped or planned. Geri feels that her yoga helps her to be a better parent, person and teacher. Her eyes fill with tears as she tells me that although she has always been a good and kind person and teacher, yoga has opened her heart and she finds that she has greater compassion for the suffering of others, in particular her kids/students in a hard place.


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