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The struggle is real. I see it everyday with my own life and the lives of everyone I know. Sometimes it's an emotional turmoil, having to do with relationships (often not just with others, but with ourselves), other times it's physical, dealing with ways in which our bodies let us down (so to speak). This is why I am so grateful for the practice.

Holding a pose; exploring a shape that doesn't come naturally is part of the process of transformation.
Transformation is why we are here. Life would be boring if we didn't have some struggle that helps us grow as a soul. Ultimately it's how we deal with it that makes the difference.

Ego plays a big part in this process. I am reminded of this by a translation of the Bhagavad Gita by Ram Dass. "The process of awakening brings you into a struggle with every habitual way you have of thinking about the universe, even the deepest ones, because every one of them has you locked into being some facet of who you think you are... It requires mental discipline to be in a place without flickering, and that's the kind of discipline Arjuna isn't used to...
That's why the message of the Gita has to begin with this crisis situation. Arjuna has to be shaken to his very roots before he can hear what Krishna has to say to him."

I love stories that humanize the struggles we have in life. They take it to a level that lets everyone who reads and learns from them they are not alone in this experience. When we practice yoga in a community setting, we have the opportunity to be part of other peoples' struggles, and it makes the human experience more meaningful. Whether it be an emotional breakthrough someone just had, or you did headstand for the first time! I am grateful for the community of Om Sweet Om, and all the yoga communities that exist for everyone.