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So much of our yoga practice is about playing with energy. This time of year is an interesting experiment with energy. It begins with Thanksgiving and goes through New Years. We start celebrating, shopping, and following a schedule that is a break from our usual routine. Money is energy, food is energy, relationships are energy. Yoga can help us to manage our energy so we can make it through this season mostly intact (as in healthy!).

One of the concepts in yoga relating to energy is what we call the gunas. The gunas are Rajas, Tamas and Satva. The gunas are external effects. Rajas is overactivity, Tamas is inactivity, and Satva is balance. We all strive for balance, especially when we feel unbalanced.

We can explore how these energies affect us just by feeling what is going on around us. A Rajasic quality is that of the frenzy of the season. Being bombarded by all the emails for the sales and drawing us into to shop and be online. The experience of shopping alone can be Rajasic, but ultimately it will make us feel Tamasic, we will get sluggish and we will feel tired.

Tamas also occurs when we eat or drink out of usual routine. This can cause sluggish digestion, and sluggish energy overall.

We want to see a nice interplay between Rajas and Tamas. Our yoga practice can help us to experience this balance, and though you might be challenged to get on your mat, it's the best thing you can do for yourself during this season.