Om Sweet Om Yoga
12 Irma Avenue
Port Washington, NY 11050


Christine instructs the following:
  • Open
  • This class is for experienced beginners who wish to take their practice to the next level. Vinyasa Flow level one classes include the basics of a flow class, which is a dynamic practice that focuses on combining movement with breath control - an energizing and invigorating yogic experience.
    This class is appropriate for all levels of yoga students who have some experience with yoga. The instructor will offer modifications for newer students as well as more challenging poses for advanced students. (not recommended for pure beginners)

  • Teen Yoga
  • Teen Yoga class - exclusively for ages 12 to 18!

  • SLOyoga
  • This beginner class will address all the important aspects of a yoga class. We will focus on the basic postures in a class, the breathing and the foundations of yoga all at a slow pace. No previous experience required.A slow-paced practice, with great attention to detail and use of props. Perfect for seniors or those dealing with injury who need a well-rounded, healing practice.