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Quick Fix (Open level-Intermediate)

This class is taught by:

Gail Grossman

Gail just can't keep her good fortunes to herself. When she discovered yoga, she immediately knew she had to share it with others. Gail opened Om Sweet Om Yoga in 2004, which has been a dream come true, as she has been able to bring this practice to so many wonderful people, both young and old(er). Her students describe her as very nurturing teacher who can quietly touch every muscle in their physical and emotional body, which leaves them feeling relaxed, grounded and happy. Gail was certified by YogaKids in 2000, and has since become a trainer for YogaKids, teaching other adults how to teach yoga to children. In 2001 she received her certification from BeYoga with Alan Finger. She received her 500 hour certification from YogaBloom with Cora Wen in 2013. She has continued to feed her ever-curious soul by continuing her training with other remarkable teachers, such as Shiva Rea, Brian Kest, Erich Schiffman, Kofi Busia, Leslie Kaminoff and Judith Hanson Lasater. Ultimately, Gail is guided by her inner-teacher, the truest voice she will ever know. Through her yoga, she encourages her students to tap into their own wellspring of truth and peace. In 2014 Gail's first book was published. Restorative Yoga for Life is a book she hopes will help many people that she cannot help in person.  
Though Om Sweet Om is her baby, she is being called to spread her wings a little further. You can visit her personal website at

Kathleen Katzmann

Kathleen turned to yoga in 2002 when she was expecting her 4th son, and has been practicing regularly ever since. Having put her body through much wear and tear growing up as a competitive gymnast and acrobat, ultimately fracturing a vertebra during college cheerleading, she is grateful for the benefits that a consistent practice has brought. After receiving an engineering degree from Lehigh University and spending a few years on Wall Street in computer programming and investment banking, she decided to retire from a desk job due both to her bad back and desire to raise her family full time. For years amid a variety of athletic regimens including competitive martial arts, she powered through pain until finally discovering yoga. Kathleen knows firsthand the challenges of finding a balance of effort and ease (shtira and sukkah) to deepen asanas without furthering injury, and brings this understanding to her students. Her ultimate goal as a teacher is to bring her students not only physical but mental and spiritual rewards of yoga, infusing them with tidbits of yogic philosophy, sanskrit, and theory behind the asanas. Kathleen completed her 200 hour RYT training in 2015 at Om Sweet Om and an additional training in Restorative Yoga with Gail Grossman in 2016. While her go-to personal practice is ashtanga-inspired vinyasa, she can be found teaching a variety of classes at all levels, specific to the students in front of her at any given moment. She has participated in classes and workshops with many renowned yogis, and is grateful to all of her teachers past and present for helping to shape her practice, philosophy and teaching style.

Deborah Corsitto

Deborah Corsitto fell deeply in love with the practice of yoga in 2004, following the birth of her third child, and fell deeply in love with teaching yoga in 2009, when enrolled in Om Sweet Om’s 200-hour teacher training program. Since then, Deborah has maintained a consistent, near-daily practice in the Ashtanga yoga tradition while continuing to teach, study and enjoy the benefits of restorative and vinyasa styles of practice.
Deborah is currently pursuing her 500-hour teaching certification with Cora Wen of Yoga Bloom with an emphasis on yoga therapeutics and has recently completed an intensive 40-hour training in the primary series of Ashtanga yoga with yogi master David Swenson.
Deborah offers challenging yet nurturing flow classes, where students are invited to explore perceived limits, both physically and mentally, and safely move past them. Students credit her lighthearted, unpressured approach and gentle encouragement with making her classes fun, empowering and uplifting, steeped in tradition, but sweetened with fun. She is forever grateful to her primary teachers, Lisa Bondy, Gail Grossman and Sara Intonato, and most profoundly thankful for the life, legacy and teachings of her guru, Sri K. Pattabhi Jois.


Stacey Kelly

Stacey Kelly’s life philosophy involves taking care of herself and others in mind, body, and soul. She is a Holistic Health Coach as well as a 2014 Om Sweet Om trained 200 Hour R.Y.T. and is dedicated to empowering people through healthy lifestyle choices to live their best life. After a diagnosis of cancer in 1998 Stacey re-evaluated her lifestyle and made some pretty big changes. Cleaning up her diet and finding ways to manage stress were paramount to her recovery and continue to be the cornerstone of her daily life. “Practicing” yoga is something Stacey does on and off the mat and she encourages her students to find ways to “live their yoga.” She teaches a vinyasa based class with a focus on alignment and meeting the student where they are. First time students will always find themselves very comfortable in Stacey’s classes even if it is at a more advanced level. She is also completing her Foundations Training Certification from YogaKids in January 2016 with Gail Grossman. Om Sweet Om has become a second home for her and she is forever grateful to Gail for creating such a wonderful place of peace.
Get your yoga fix quick! An invigorating, centering, sixty minute flow class open to all levels of experience and ability.

Upcoming classes:

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  • Wed Aug 02 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm with Kathleen Katzmann
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  • Wed Aug 09 9:00 am - 10:00 am with Gail Grossman
  • Wed Aug 09 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm with Kathleen Katzmann